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What We Do


Pairing 1-on-1 coaching with targeted content and a collaborative community, we help our clients provide world-class service while maintaining efficient and profitable businesses. We specialize in helping all levels of entrepreneurs -- from the sole proprietor to the small business -- maximize their potential by honing their strengths and pairing their personnel with the right systems and tools. We cultivate holistic well-being by taking a multi-faceted approach to both professional and personal development.

Our programs are crafted to maximize our members’ growth potential and give them the confidence to consistently challenge their comfort zone by setting bold, but achievable goals. The resources we provide give members the edge they need to scale and rise above the competition. Enabling members in this way provides the opportunity for them to realize returns far greater than the initial investment. 

As a company, we understand there is always room to be better and always someone new to learn from. This is why we put so much emphasis on leveraging the community we’ve built within Bridges Business Solutions. We evolve by seeking ongoing and innovative training, by offering expanded services to meet the needs of our members, and by upholding the highest standards for our owners, coaches, vendor partners, and staff.


We’re matchmakers:

honing in on your unique strengths & pairing you with the right system for your business. 

We’re expedition leaders:

putting you outside your comfort zone & helping you develop the mindset to want to be there.

We’re investigators:

asking the tough questions and helping you uncover the solutions 

We’re visionaries:

realizing your untapped potential, even when you don’t

We’re relationship builders:

fostering connections within a community of uplifting, like-minded individuals.

We’re craftsmen:

creating tailored action plans to shape all the pieces of your life into a well-balanced masterpiece

Trust the professionals.

With decades of combined experience as business owners, coaches, sales professionals, marketing consultants and real estate agents, our team is well versed in the skills required to help business owners overcome challenges and break through barriers.

Richard Bridges

Our Founder + Head Coach


Richard Bridges began his career in the real estate industry directly following high school in 2004. After obtaining his license at 20 years old, he went on to become one of the youngest licensed real estate instructors in the state of Virginia. Being forced to learn how to sell real estate during the economic collapse of 2008 positioned Richard to survive a challenging market climate by honing his skills in marketing and customer service. At the age of 23 he earned his Brokers License and began to grow his own real estate team. At this point Richard's Coaching and Mentoring ambitions began. Richard's sales team, The Bridges Team, went on to earn top honors on both the local and national scenes. In 2014, Richard was selected as a top 50 finalist for The National Association of Realtor’s prestigious 30 Under 30 award. The following year, The Bridges Team assisted 120 families with buying or selling a home in the DC Metro Area. Richard was then selected to become the Managing Broker of the Weichert Realtors Woodbridge office in January of 2016, which helped to cement his leadership reputation in Northern Virginia. This also officially began his career in entrepreneurial business consulting and coaching. After spending more than 18 months with Weichert Realtors, Richard was hired by the fastest growing brokerage in Virginia, Pearson Smith Realty (PSR). There he was able to develop his Productivity and Coaching Program in house for the brokerage. At the beginning of 2021, Richard started Bridges Business Solutions and now offers entrepreneurial coaching and consulting services as well as other business solution products.

Lastly, and most importantly; Richard Bridges is a husband and father to 4 beautiful children. His wife Ashley has been his most supportive advocate and has been instrumental in nurturing his personal and professional pursuits. Their four children are Ethan (16), Jack (14), Lily (13), and Emma (12). The family currently resides in Ashburn, Virginia. Richard’s top priority in life is his family and he works diligently to manage a healthy work/life balance.

Coaches & Staff


Mike Snow


Payton Polychrones


Andrea Vaccarelli Landis


Hannah Won


Ellie Karrasch

Marketing Director

Anna Domingo

Digital Marketing Assistant

Kaye Inot

Community Builder

Sam Sumagui

Video Marketing Assistant

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