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What are YOU struggling with?


I’m a newbie; I don’t know where to start.

Getting your bearings in a new industry can be so incredibly overwhelming. Maybe you’re an entrepreneur, leaving the security of the corporate world for the first time, or maybe you’re chasing your passion in search of freedom and happiness. Not only are you having to learn the business, you’re also learning how to build your business. We help you create the framework that will position you for success and cut through the noise that can steer you off course.

I need some help focusing on a direction to take my business.

We love your entrepreneurial spirit and take charge attitude. A passion for building your brand doesn’t always come with the structure and accountability needed to transform into your best self. You’ll learn how to write measurable goals, refine the key pillars of your business, and identify activities that will bring you the most return. We show you exactly how to translate this business plan into actionable, consistent tasks.

My business is growing faster than I expected - I’m not sure how to scale up.

Let’s grow together! Understand and avoid the pitfalls of spending so much time working IN your business that you miss out on the opportunity to work ON your business. We guide you on the path to effectively manage your growth by defining what the next level looks like and teaching you to fully-leverage available resources to find balance and cultivate long-term success.

We’ll let you in on a secret: there is no master playbook to building your business.


Instead, we formulate a custom plan to harness your potential, utilize your strengths, and cultivate well-being in all aspects of your life.

“The program has put me on a path to where I feel like I have things under control and can sustain it long term. Sometimes I veer off that path, and coaching has helped me simplify, focus, and come back to center. I love how this process helps focus on the things I like and am good and and amplifies those - rather than make me fit into a system that - while proven - just doesn't suit me. It keeps me motivated when I am frustrated or tired. It has given me great ideas and I know it will continue to improve my business without sacrificing my quality of life.”

Kelly Roth
Precision Properties Group

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Your business is unique to you and we’ll shape our solutions to meet you wherever that may be. Expand your knowledge with a combination of 1:1 coaching and self-guided courses. Collaborate with like-minded individuals by participating in group mastermind sessions and interacting with our engaged members-only community. Up-level your marketing without having to reinvent the wheel using our downloadable tools & proven strategies.

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What people are saying


"The clairvoyance that Richard provides in the industry where everyone is trying to sell you something to "help" your business is genuine and refreshing. Taking a simple one-to-one approach and tailoring the program to your strengths the guidance provided is definitely valuable." 

Karan Vashisht

Real Estate Agent

"Richard has been instrumental in helping me develop and stay focused on my business goals. He always has great perspective and ability to think outside the box.

Margaret Prince-Frederick

Real Estate Agent

"I cannot speak highly enough of Richard and his coaching! It has helped me tremendously. What I like most is that he doesn't just focus on business only, but more of a holistic approach that includes achieving goals and dreams outside of business-- family, home life, hobbies, passion projects, etc. -- and helps you really focus on your true "why" when building your business plans." 

David Rotan

Real Estate Agent

"The program is setting me up for success. Teaching me how to track my funnel activities to keep me moving forward. It also teaches me so much about mindset and gives me a group of agents to grow with."

Courtney Stone

Real Estate Agent

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